a web series about the swedish fika culture


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Beauty Magazine
July 24 2018

«Vill du Fika?»
July 16 2016

«Fika – Kaffeepause auf Schwedisch»
July 15 2016

«Varyag TV»
July 6 2016

«Issue 1 – Coffee not cancerous, a smart grinder, and the Swedish fika»
Filtered Newsletter
June 19 2016

«Fika – ein nationales Ritual – Schwedens Seele in der Kaffeetasse»
June 18 2016

«fika: to have coffee; The Social Bit (Episode 2/6)»
Swedish Freak
June 18 2016

«fika: to have coffee; The Ritual (Episode 1/6)»
Coffee Talk
June 17 2016

«Fika: to Have Coffee – A Web Series About the Swedish Fika Ritual»
Swedish Freak
June 17 2016

«Ernährung, Kaffee-Kultur, illegale Go-Kart-Rennen - sechs tolle Studi-Filmprojekte»
June 14 2016

«fika: to have coffee • Coffee • Episode 4/6 by Fabian Schmid»
June 13 2016

«fika: to have coffee the third Episode Memories Published»
Black Water Issue
June 13 2016

«Fika: Swedish Coffee Ritual Captured in A Documentary Series»
European Coffee Trip
June 12 2016

«ZHdK Bachelorarbeiten | fika: to have coffee»
arttv.ch – das Kulturfernsehen im Netz
June 9 2016

«For the love of coffee»
2Sweden4love – An American in Sweden
June 9 2016

«Kaffee hoch vier an der Diplomausstellung»
June 8 2016

«fika: to have coffee • Memories • Episode 3/6 by Fabian Schmid»
June 6 2016

«Swedish Coffee Rituals: What the FIKA? VIDEOS 2/6»
Perfect Daily Grind
June 3 2016

«fika: to have coffee by Fabian Schmid»
Die Kaffeemacher
June 2 2016

«The Swedish ‘religion’ of fika is a daily celebration of coffee and cake »
June 1 2016

«Schwedisches Kaffee-Ritual in kostenloser Webserie: fika: to have coffee»
May 31 2016

«The Tale of Fika»
Nordic Style Mag
May 31 2016

«fika: to have coffee Documentary Maker Fabian Schmid Interviewed»
Black Water Issue
May 31 2016

«fika: to have coffee – 2nd Episode: The Social Bit released»
Black Water Issue
May 31 2016

«Fika: To Have Coffee»
Everything Sweden
May 30 2016

«Do you FIKA? Coffee web series by Fabian Schmid»
Coffee Me Zürich
May 29 2016

«Five Ounce Friday: Kickstarters & Cold Brew»
The Coffee Minimalist
May 27 2016

«fika: to have coffee – Eine Webserie über Kaffee als Morgenritual»
May 26 2016

«A New Docu-Series On Fika, The Swedish Coffee Break»
Sprudge Wire
May 25 2016

«fika: to have coffee • Episode 1/6 – The Ritual by Fabian Schmid»
May 24 2016

«fika: to have coffee • Trailer by Fabian Schmid»
May 24 2016

«5 Vragen Aan Documentairemaker Fabian (fika: to have coffee)»
Fika Magazine
May 25 2016

«New Documentary Series Tells the Little Stories»
Akademin Valand
May 24 2016

«Documentary on the Nordic Coffee Break»
Black Water Issue
May 24 2016

«Fika: A Lovely Web Series»
Barista Magazine
May 23 2016

«Fika is a coffee break, with emphasis on break»
The Local Sweden
May 23 2016

«Swedish Fika’s Little Stories to be Told in Upcoming Video Series»
Daily Coffee News
May 17 2016

«Swedish Fika is Getting Its Own Documentary»
Routes North
April 14 2016

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